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Diederick Hattingh

Managing Director – Our Future Talent Management

The arts is what makes the world a diverse and interesting environment. We are constantly listening to music watching movies or indulging in musicals or theatre.

As from the age of 12 he was involved in the praise and worship team in his church   and by age 15 he was praise and worship leader.

At the age of 17 he became part of the Northern Natal Youth Choir and in 1994 went to Europe with the choir performing in Germany Austria and Switzerland.

The following year he joined a youth group called Pops Youth Action specializing in music, drama and dance and for two years travelled throughout South Africa performing at schools churches and public areas.

In 2017 Sonwabile Gingqishe and Diederick together with passionate individuals started a non profit organization called Orange Development Organization to re-implement Art back into schools with platforms like – Art is Alive Campaign bringing schools together (mainly rural as they don’t have the exposure and development in the Eastern Cape) to perform monologues poems drama and dancing, and Mr and Ms Raymond Mhlaba focusing on modelling and social responsibility. The focus was on Primary and Secondary Schools and in 2018 we invited older participants to join in. 2019 was a roaring success with Bay TV present and giving the platforms coverage to broader audience.

This opportunity really ignited the passion he had for the arts and he made huge strides in his ability to reconnect with his ability to teach and mould artists in their various genre’s.

When developing and moulding artistic minds your own self gets revitalized and growth takes place within our deepest self. Living your passion is a primal strength few realize until they fight to have the opportunity to experience it.

Developing artists young and old is a passion a quest for excellence. Everyone deserves to follow their dreams and live their passions.