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Ferdie Muller

Photographer of
Our Future Talent Management

Ferdie has had a love for photography since childhood and got his first own camera at the age of 7. Through the years he always stayed in touch with his photographic side in many ways.

In 2005 he acquired his first DSLR camera, a Pentex K20D which was not a bad camera at the time. Since he worked and studied as an ecologist and professional field guide he had the opportunity to do a lot of wildlife and nature photos so that is where he started practising his skills. Obviously doing wildlife photography is very different to model and portrait photography, he learned a lot about making quick changes to the camera settings and almost all photos was done in natural light. Ferdie learned a great deal with this and slowly but steadily started making a name for himself through these but it was during this time that friends and family started asking him to take family and wedding photos.

In 2014 Ferdie left the wildlife industry and was forced to change his photography to other subjects. Not being his first priority most of his photography was done as a passion however, the demand started getting bigger and bigger and before he knew it, he was shooting weddings, parties, events, families, models etc etc.

Today Ferdie’s photography include many different forms but modelling and portrait photos has become one of his main passions. Being a businessman / entrepreneur that’s been involved in many different industries in the past he has done photography for many models and agencies alike and has proofed to be a valuable asset to the industry. He has qualifications in the field of natural sciences and recently has decided to do an international diploma in photography and then an international degree in photography. This has given him a very different perspective about photography and as he is never completely happy about his work, he always strive to just become better and better. Ferdie is passionate about high standards and his impeccable ability to adapt and learn is something that make him perfect for this industry.

Today Ferdie has his own models agency with over 40 models all over South Africa and growing fast. He is available for events, models portfolios and many more. You can get hold of Ferdie on WhatsApp at 072 133 5964 .